Books Acquired Recently

I was in Manhattan to run a necessary but quick errand on 14th Street today, and thought I might as well stop by the Strand while I was in the neighborhood to make the trip more worthwhile. I bought these four books, all of which I’ve had my eye on. It was nice to buy them from an independent bookshop.

Berrigan, Ted. Get the Money! Collected Prose (1961-1983). Edited by Edmund Berrigan, Anselm Berrigan, Alice Notley, and Nick Sturm. San Francisco: City Lights Books, 2022.

Chen, Chen. Your Emergency Contact Has Experienced an Emergency: Poems. Rochester, NY: BOA Editions, 2022.

Gomez, Edgar. High-Risk Homosexual: A Memoir. New York: Soft Skull Press, 2022.

Rivera, Gabby. Juliet Takes a Breath. Illustrated by Celia Moscote. Los Angeles: Boom! Box, 2021.

Snow, Cassandra, and Siri Vincent Plouff. Lessons from the Empress: A Tarot Workbook for Self-Care and Creative Growth. Newburyport, MA: Weiser Books, 2022.

Earlier this week, I received Cassandra Snow’s new book, which I had pre-ordered. She is one of my favorite tarot writers, so I look forward to reading it!


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