Books Acquired Recently

Gentili, Cecilia. Faltas: Letters to Everyone in My Hometown Who Isn’t My Rapist. Brooklyn: LittlePuss Press, 2022.

I had pre-ordered this book that, according to its blurb, “reinvents the trans memoir, putting it squarely back between the writer and her various enemies.” Very Frank O’Hara/Personism-esque! My copy came in the mail yesterday.

Smith, Tracy K., ed. The Best American Poetry 2021. New York: Scribner Poetry, 2021.

Zapruder, Matthew, ed. The Best American Poetry 2022. New York: Scribner Poetry, 2022.

As I mention here, I decided I should start reading The Best American Essays every year. I’ve decided the same about The Best American Poetry, and went to buy the 2021 edition. When doing so, I discovered that the 2022 edition is already out (it comes out two months earlier than the Essays!), so I bought it too.

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