Book Acquired Recently: Willie Masters’ Lonesome Wife, First Edition

Gass, William H. Willie Masters’ Lonesome Wife. TriQuarterly Supplement Number Two (1968): n.p. I recently bought and read the Dalkey Archive Press edition of Gass’s novella (the only one currently in print), but it does not replicated the colored pages of the original edition, so I was happy to find this copy for a reasonableContinue reading “Book Acquired Recently: Willie Masters’ Lonesome Wife, First Edition”


Natasha Sajé’s Poetry

I occupied part of my leisure time this holiday weekend reading Natasha Sajé’s two collections of poetry, Red Under the Skin (1994) and Bend (2004). As I mentioned in my post from 15 February, Sajé is a colleague of mine. It was thus quite pleasing to find that I enjoy her poetry immensely. So muchContinue reading “Natasha Sajé’s Poetry”

Books Acquired Recently

Miller, Walter M. A Canticle for Leibowitz. 1959. New York: Bantam, 2007. I have been slowly working to expand my knowledge of the field of science fiction, and read about this book in the chapter on SF from The Cambridge Companion to American Fiction After 1945 (edited by John N. Duvall). The description of itContinue reading “Books Acquired Recently”

The Northern Illinois University Shooting Five Years Later

Five years ago today, 14 February 2008, I was a graduate student at Northern Illinois University when a gunman walked into Cole Hall at the center of campus with a machine gun and opened fire. He killed five students and himself. I was fortunate enough to be several blocks away at the time of theContinue reading “The Northern Illinois University Shooting Five Years Later”

Books Acquired Recently

Gass, William. Willie Masters’ Lonesome Wife. 1968. Normal: Dalkey, 1989. I recently read about this novel, which includes a number of photographs, figures, and elements of typographical play. I am quite fond of these postmodern elements because I appreciate it when a book is fascinating as a physical object (as an artwork, even) as wellContinue reading “Books Acquired Recently”

Sad Post Office News

The United States Postal Service just announced that beginning in August they will no longer deliver letters on Saturdays. This is the latest cost-cutting measure in the USPS’s continuing fight to stay solvent, which has become more and more difficult with the increased use of email and other forms of electronic communication, and with Congress’sContinue reading “Sad Post Office News”

Books Acquired Recently

Cohen, Samuel, and Lee Konstantinou, eds. The Legacy of David Foster Wallace. Iowa City: U of Iowa P, 2012. I ordered this book at a discounted price at the Modern Language Association bookfair last month, and it finally arrived this week. As I’ve mentioned numerous times here, I am a big fan of Wallace’s work,Continue reading “Books Acquired Recently”

Back in the Saddle

I haven’t posted in several weeks because I am currently on the job market and have had several interviews that have taken up all of my non-teaching time. However, my life should be a little less crazy in the near future, so I’ll be able to get back to my normal routine of posting aContinue reading “Back in the Saddle”