Some Thoughts About My New Pronouns

I have just switched pronouns from he/they to they/multitudes, so here are some thoughts about what this change means. 1. I have ambivalent feelings about “coming out” with my new pronouns because such an action is usually a burden foisted upon those of us who do not fit neatly within the strictures of cisgender heterosexuality.Continue reading “Some Thoughts About My New Pronouns”

Book Acquired Recently: Salman Rushdie’s Victory City

Rushdie, Salman. Victory City. New York: Random House, 2023. Salman Rushdie’s latest novel was released on Tuesday, so yesterday I stopped by Shakespeare & Co. in Manhattan and bought a copy. Everyone who cares about freedom of expression should buy it as one way to repay our debt to Rushdie for his decades-long continuing defenseContinue reading “Book Acquired Recently: Salman Rushdie’s Victory City”

Books Acquired Recently: Mennonite Edition

Beachy, Stephen. The Voice of Q. Amish Terror Book 4. San Diego: Vapor Books, 2021. I catch up on Beachy’s queer speculative fiction Amish Terror series whenever I can, so I just bought what is theoretically the penultimate book of the series (though it was originally going to be a trilogy, so who knows?). Hinz-Penner,Continue reading “Books Acquired Recently: Mennonite Edition”

Books Acquired Recently

Bellamy, Dodie. Pink Steam. San Francisco: Suspect Thoughts Press, 2004. I’ve been looking for this rare book for close to a year, and finally found a reasonably-priced copy to buy. Biss, Eula. Having and Being Had. 2020. New York: Riverhead Books, 2021. Biss is one of the readers in this semester’s Distinguished Writers Series atContinue reading “Books Acquired Recently”

Writing Activity, January 2023

Since January 2021, I’ve been keeping a list of my writing activity for each month (here’s last month’s). I do so partly as a form of encouragement for myself to show that I am still able to do some writing despite the energy-sucking terrors of the pandemic (Which is still going on! Keep wearing masks!),Continue reading “Writing Activity, January 2023”