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Books Acquired Recently: Mostly PM Press Edition

Dornaus, Margaret, ed. Behind the Mask: Haiku in the Time of COVID-19. Ozark, AR: Singing Moon Press, 2020.

I just heard about this timely anthology and ordered it right away. One of haiku’s strengths is that it is written quickly and thus can respond to current events almost immediately.

Khakpour, Porochista. Brown Album: Essays on Exile and Identity. New York: Vintage Books, 2020.

Khakpour did a virtual reading sponsored by Utica College last week. I was completely captivated by her work, so I ordered her new essay collection immediately.

My monthly subscription package from PM Press came today. One of the fun things about having this subscription is that I never know what might be in it! This month is a book about pirates, a book about teaching, and a book about music. All three look pretty fascinating, and I look forward to reading them when I get a chance.

Kuhn, Gabriel. Life Under the Jolly Roger: Reflections on Golden Age Piracy. 2nd ed. Oakland: PM Press, 2020.

Lakey, George. Facilitating Group Learning: Strategies for Success with Diverse Learners. 2nd ed. Oakland: PM Press, 2020.

Manning, Richard. If It Sounds Good, It is Good: Seeking Subversion, Transcendence, and Solace in America’s Music. Oakland: PM Press, 2020.

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Books Acquired Recently

Eisner, Mark, and Tina Escaja, eds. Resistencia: Poems of Protest and Revolution. Portland, OR: Tin House, 2020.

I heard about this anthology on Twitter and bought it right away because “poems of protest and revolution” are necessary now more than ever.

Wright, David. Local Talent. Chicago: Purple Flag Press, 2019.

Wright is a Mennonite poet (not the Mets’ former third baseman) whose work I enjoy. I recently heard about his most recent collection and was able to purchase a signed copy from him.

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Books Acquired Recently: Mennonite Edition

Neufeldt, Leonard. Yarrow: Poems. Windsor, ON: Black Moss Press, 1993.

I bought this book because I’ve been doing some writing about Mennonite poet Di Brandt, and the collection has a poem dedicated to her (“The Tree with a Hole in Our Front Yard”) that I wanted to reference. I read this poem twenty years ago in a Mennonite Literature course in college and it has stuck with me.

Stambaugh, Sara. Yon Far Country: A Social and Personal Memoir of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Kitchener, ON: Pandora Press, 2009.

I’m also doing some writing about Stambaugh’s novel I Hear the Reaper’s Song, which takes place in her hometown (and my ancestral hometown) of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I decided to order her memoir about the County to see if it is helpful for my writing.

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Books Acquired Recently

Friesen, Patrick. Outlasting the Weather: Selected and New Poems 1994-2020. Vancouver: Anvil Press, 2020.

As I just wrote here, Patrick Friesen is one of the most important Mennonite writers ever. It is therefore very exciting that his second volume of Selected Poems is now out.

Lisicky, Paul. Later: My Life at the Edge of the World. Minneapolis: Graywolf Press, 2020.

Lisicky came and read at Utica College a few years ago. He’s a nice guy, so I’ve read some of his work since then, and appreciate its unabashed queerness. Memoir Twitter is all abuzz about his new memoir, and it sounds fascinating, so I decided to buy it.

Miller, E. Ethelbert. If God Invented Baseball: Poems. Westport, CT: City Point Press, 2018.

Miller has an article in the latest issue of The Writer’s Chronicle. After reading it, I decided to look up his work. I was excited to discover that he has a poetry collection about baseball, and decided that it sounded like a good book to acquire as an introduction to his work.

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Books Acquired Recently: Marje A. Dyck Edition

Dyck, Marje A. A Piece of the Moon. Saskatoon: Calisto Press, 2005.

—. Still Blue Water: Collected Tanka. Saskatoon: Calisto Press, 2012.

Recently, while reading Terry Ann Carter’s Haiku in Canada, I came across some poems by Marje A. Dyck. My immediate thought was “Dyck is a Mennonite name! I wonder if she’s Mennonite?” I was able to get in touch with her, and as it turns out she is not Mennonite (her husband has Mennonite ancestry). However, I enjoyed the bit of her work that I encountered, and look forward to reading these two books of hers.

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Books Acquired Recently: Free Books Edition

Cates, James A. Serpent in the Garden: Amish Sexuality in a Changing World. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2020.

I wrote a blurb for this book, and recently received my blurber’s copy in the mail.

Maldonado, Ricardo Alberto. The Life Assignment. Tribeca, NY: Four Way Books, 2020.

I have not encountered Maldonado’s work before, but just received this collection of poetry from a friend. I look forward to checking it out!

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