Books Acquired Recently

di Prima, Diane. Spring and Autumn Annals: A Celebration of the Seasons for Freddie. San Francisco: City Lights Books, 2021. I love di Prima’s Memoirs of a Beatnik, so I was intrigued when I heard that a new memoir had just been published posthumously. LitHub published an excerpt of it that I enjoyed, so IContinue reading “Books Acquired Recently”


Book Acquired Recently: Miriam Toews’s Fight Night

Toews, Miriam. Fight Night. New York: Bloomsbury, 2021. I just received Miriam Toews’s new novel in the mail. Thankfully it got published in the U.S. at almost the same time as the Canadian edition, unlike her previous book, Women Talking, which was delayed by almost a year. I was able to order Women Talking fromContinue reading “Book Acquired Recently: Miriam Toews’s Fight Night”

Writing Activity, September 2021

One of my 2021 goals is to keep a list of my writing activity for each month (here’s last month’s). I do so partly as a form of encouragement for myself–to show that I am still able to do some writing despite the energy-sucking terrors of the pandemic (Which is still going on! Keep wearingContinue reading “Writing Activity, September 2021”