Books Acquired Recently

Cain, Amina. A Horse at Night: On Writing. St. Louis: Dorothy, a Publishing Project, 2022. I’ve read a few short pieces by Cain and was excited when I found out she had this book coming out. My pre-ordered copy just arrived. Hillman, Brenda. In a Few Minutes Before Later. Middletown, CT: Wesleyan University Press, 2022.Continue reading “Books Acquired Recently”

Books Acquired Recently: Mennonite/s Writing Edition

This past weekend I attended the ninth Mennonite/s [sic] Writing conference. It was held at my alma mater, Goshen College, so I got to see some good friends in a nostalgic setting. Of course I bought lots of books at the excellent bookfair, which was arranged by Fables Books. Beck, Ervin. Joe Wright (1879-1972): GoshenContinue reading “Books Acquired Recently: Mennonite/s Writing Edition”

Writing Activity, September 2022

Since January 2021, I’ve been keeping a list of my writing activity for each month (here’s last month’s). I do so partly as a form of encouragement for myself to show that I am still able to do some writing despite the energy-sucking terrors of the pandemic (Which is still going on! Keep wearing masks!),Continue reading “Writing Activity, September 2022”