Books Acquired Recently: Strand Edition

Yesterday I had some running around to do in Manhattan, so I decided to add the Strand to my itinerary. Here’s what I bought:

Conklin, Lydia. Rainbow Rainbow: Stories. New York: Catapult, 2022.

I saw some laudatory posts about this collection on Twitter, and decided to buy it because it sounds like the stories are not the usual queer tropes.

Gutiérrez, Raquel. Brown Neon: Essays. Minneapolis: Coffee House Press, 2022.

This essay collection was on the queer literature table and the title caught my eye. I’m always interested in reading other queer Latinx narratives.

Kauffman, Rebecca. Chorus. Berkeley: Counterpoint, 2022.

I’ve been looking to buy this Mennonite novel since it came out earlier this year, but every time I was somewhere I thought they would have it they didn’t. So it was fun to find it on the small press table.

Kraus, Chris. I Love Dick. 1997. South Pasadena, CA: Semiotext(e), 2006.

I’ve read a lot about this novel, but have never actually read it, so I was excited to find a copy in the stacks.


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