Books Acquired Recently

Back, Rachel Tzvia. What Use is Poetry the Poet is Asking. Bristol, UK: Shearsman Books, 2019.

I received this book from a friend. She lives in Tulsa, where Magic City Books recently held a sale of some books that Joy Harjo donated from her personal library as a fundraiser for a local food bank. The book is inscribed to Harjo by Back and came with a letter from Harjo to the purchaser. So it is a fantastic object. I am enjoying the poetry as well thus far.

Dunham, Mabel. The Trail of the Conestoga. 1924. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1970.

I recently heard about this novel, which may be the oldest Mennonite novel in English, which is why I am interested in it. I was able to find a new copy of the 1990 reprinting of the 1970 printing online, and it came today.


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