Books Acquired Recently

Buller, Rachel Epp, and Kerry Fast, eds. Mothering Mennonite. Bradford, ON: Demeter Press, 2013.

I heard about this book when it came out, but only recently learned that it contains a number of essays by Mennonite literary figures. I bought it for this reason.

McKay, Claude. Romance in Marseille. New York: Penguin Books, 2020.

I received an exam copy of this newly-discovered novel yesterday. From the blurb: “Romance in Marseille traces the adventures of a rowdy troupe of dockworkers, prostitutes [sic], and political organizers–collectively straight and queer, disabled and able-bodied, African, European, Caribbean, and American.”

Stenson, Esther. Showing Up: Poems. Georgetown, KY: Finishing Line Press, 2020.

Stenson is a Mennonite writer whom I’ve interacted with at various conferences. I pre-ordered this book when it was announced last year and it came in the mail yesterday, a nice surprise.


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