Books Acquired Recently: Birthday Edition

I turned 39 on Thursday and got two books as gifts. Choi, Franny. Floating, Brilliant, Gone. Austin, TX: Write Bloody Publishing, 2014. I tore through this collection over the past two days. It is excellent! Feminist and queer. One neat feature is that some of the poems are illustrated; it’s neo-Blakean. Dunn, Mark. Ella MinnowContinue reading “Books Acquired Recently: Birthday Edition”

Books Acquired Recently

Blake, William. Blake. Ed. Ruthven Todd. New York: Dell, 1960. Browning, Robert. Browning. Ed. Reed Whittemore. New York: Dell, 1960. Herbert, George. Herbert. Ed. Dudley Fitts. New York: Dell, 1962. Herrick, Robert. Herrick. Ed. William Jay Smith. New York: Dell, 1962. Jonson, Ben. Ben Jonson. Ed. John Hollander. New York: Dell, 1961. Keats, John. Keats.Continue reading “Books Acquired Recently”

The New Site Photograph

I just updated the main photograph for the site (what Facebook would call the “cover photo”). It is a picture of one of my favorite shelves in the poetry section of my library. The photograph includes some of my favorite poets and one of my favorite books of poetry, William Blake’s Songs of Innocence andContinue reading “The New Site Photograph”