Books Acquired Recently: Kristin Garth and Word Books Edition

Garth, Kristin. Atheist Barbie. N.p.: Maverick Duck Press, 2021. —. The Death of Alice in Wonderland and Additional Adult Adventures. N.p.: Alien Buddha Press, 2021. —. Puritan U: A True Crime in Sonnets, Footnotes & Verse. Philadelphia: Rhythm & Bones Press, 2019. I recently ordered one of Garth’s books directly from her website and thereContinue reading “Books Acquired Recently: Kristin Garth and Word Books Edition”


Books Acquired Recently

I’ve picked up books here and there over the past week and a half, the way it goes when leading a literary life. Broder, Melissa. Last Sext. Portland, OR: Tin House Books, 2016. I recently read Broder’s amazing novel The Pisces.┬áThe About the Author statement mentioned that Broder has published four poetry collections. When IContinue reading “Books Acquired Recently”