Books Acquired Recently: Kristin Garth and Word Books Edition

Garth, Kristin. Atheist Barbie. N.p.: Maverick Duck Press, 2021.

—. The Death of Alice in Wonderland and Additional Adult Adventures. N.p.: Alien Buddha Press, 2021.

—. Puritan U: A True Crime in Sonnets, Footnotes & Verse. Philadelphia: Rhythm & Bones Press, 2019.

I recently ordered one of Garth’s books directly from her website and there were some pandemic-related shipping delays, so she kindly (and totally unasked for) sent me copies of two of her other books as well once the delay was resolved. I enjoy her feminist kinky poetry and look forward to reading more of it!


I recently moved to Jersey City, and just had the chance to visit my neighborhood independent bookshop, Word Books, to pick up three books that I had ordered through their website.

Dancyger, Lilly. Negative Space: A Memoir. Santa Fe, NM: SFWP, 2021.

So, Anthony Veasna. Afterparties: Stories. New York: Ecco, 2021.

Washuta, Elissa. White Magic: Essays. Portland: Tin House, 2021.


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