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Books Acquired Recently

Hall, Donald E., and Annamarie Jagose, eds. The Routledge Queer Studies Reader. London: Routledge, 2013.

I recently had a friend recommend this anthology to me, and I have been wanting to read queer theory in a more systematic way than I have in the past, so thought this book would be a good place to start. I acquired it from one of amazon.com’s network of independent sellers.

Hess, J. Daniel. An Invitation to Criticism. Goshen: Pinchpenny, 1984.

I took a trip to Goshen, Indiana, last week to do some research, and while I was there I made a stop at Better World Books. I found this old Pinchpenny Press book with an intriguing title in good condition. I am always interested in the history of Mennonite attitudes toward education and art, so I look forward to discovering what Hess has to say on the subject.

Isherwood, Christopher. Christopher and His Kind. 1976. London: Vintage, 2012.

I received this book as a gift from someone who knows about my interest in queer literature. I have never read Isherwood before, so it is nice that now I have impetus to do so.

Reimer, Al. My Harp is Turned to Mourning. Winnipeg: Windflower, 1990.

This is the other book I bought at Better World. It is one of the first novels to depict the Mennonite struggles in Russia under Stalin, and an important text in the Mennonite literary canon. To be frank, I get a little tired of this narrative sometimes, but I found this volume in excellent condition for a good price, thus decided to buy it and finally get around to reading it this summer.

Richardson, Suzanne. The Softest Part of a Woman is a Wound. Georgetown: Finishing Line, 2016.

Richardson is one of my colleagues at Utica College, and she just came out with her first book of poetry! I am very excited to read it.


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Books Acquired Recently

Delany, Samuel R. The Mad Man. New York: Kasak, 1994.

I found this copy of the first edition of The Mad Man, one of my favorite Delany novels, online in good condition and for a good price from one of amazon.com’s independent sellers, so I decided to buy it. The second edition, published in 2002, is substantially revised, and is the one I reference in my work on Delany, thus I bought the first edition more as a piece of Delany memorabilia than as reading material.

Reimer, Al. Mennonite Literary Voices: Past and Present. North Newton: Bethel College, 1993.

I have been looking for a copy of this book on and off for over a decade, and finally found a copy surface on abebooks.com from a bookstore in Winnipeg. It is one of the early pieces of criticism on Mennonite literature, and I’ve been wanting to read it since taking a course in Mennonite literature in 2001.

Starlin, Jim, et al. Infinity Gauntlet. 1991. New York: Marvel, 2011.

This was a pure nostalgia purchase from amazon.com. I read the Infinity Gauntlet miniseries as a junior high schooler when it first came out, and recently had a conversation about it with a friend that inspired me to seek it out again.

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