Books Acquired Recently

Friedenberg, Jay, ed. The Unexpected Weight: The Haiku Society of America Mentorship Program Anthology 2021. N.p.: Haiku Society of America, 2022.

Last year the Haiku Society of America began a mentorship program for younger writers. I was lucky enough to get a spot in the program, which has been quite helpful for my work. This anthology includes poems published by the mentees during the program. Each poet has a biographical statement, three poems, and a reflective statement about what they learned from the program, so it’s a great way to introduce us to the broader haiku community.

Zacharias, Robert. Reading Mennonite Writing: A Study in Minor Transnationalism. University Park: Pennsylvania State University Press, 2022.

I was one of the peer reviewers for this important new book in Mennonite literary studies. It technically isn’t out until next month, but my copy arrived yesterday, hot off the press!


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