Books Acquired Recently: PM Press Edition

I’m a subscriber to PM Press’s Friends of PM program, which sends subscribers several books each month for a flat fee of $30.00. This month’s books arrived yesterday.

Bonzo, N.O. Off with Their Heads: An Antifascist Coloring Book for Adults of All Ages. Oakland: PM Press, 2020.

I’m not into coloring, but this book has some lovely art, so I am glad to have it.

Loewen, James W. Up a Creek, with a Paddle: Tales of Canoeing and Life. Oakland: PM Press, 2020.

My first thought when I saw this book in the box was “Loewen is a Mennonite name!” Sure enough, Loewen’s father was a Mennonite, though I haven’t been able to discover whether Loewen himself was raised Mennonite. His mother was not a Mennonite, and for a Mennonite of Loewen’s father’s generation (Loewen was born in 1942) to marry outside the church would have been pretty blasphemous, so I’m guessing Loewen himself does not identify as Mennonite, but that moment of recognition was exciting nevertheless.


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