Book Acquired Recently: Mennonite Community Cookbook

Showalter, Mary Emma. Mennonite Community Cookbook. Scottdale: Herald, 1950.

I received this classic of Mennonite cooking from a colleague who had it but did not use it, and knows I am a Mennonite and thus thought I would be interested in it. I grew up with my mother using a number of recipes from her well-worn copy, and some of the first dishes I ever learned to cook (most notably meatloaf) were from it. I am very happy to now have my own copy. This one is from the twenty-fifth printing in July, 1980. The book is a revision of Showalter’s M.A. thesis in Home Economics and collects recipes from Mennonite women all over the U.S. and Canada, so aside from being a good cookbook it is also an important early Mennonite feminist text.


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