Books Acquired Recently

Oyer, John S., and Robert S. Kreider. Mirror of the Martyrs. Intercourse: Good, 1990.

I bought this book to use in my continuing research on the Martyrs Mirror. My research of late has been especially focused on the illustrations by Jan Luyken, which are one of the main subjects of Oyer and Kreider’s book.

Santos-Febres, Mayra. Sirena Selena. Trans. Stephen Lytle. New York: Picador, 2000.

I’ve been reading some Puerto Rican history lately, and this novel has been mentioned as an important recent piece of Puerto Rican literature, which is a field that I am woefully unversed in. I was able to find a new copy of the first edition for less than $4.00.

Both books were acquired from’s network of independents sellers.


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