Books Acquired Recently: Desk Copies Edition

Today I received all of my desk copies for the upcoming semester. I’ll be teaching semester one of the first-year composition course, American Literature to 1865, and American Literature Post-1945. It should be a fun semester toggling back and forth between the two American literature extremes! It will make a fascinating contrast. I already haveContinue reading “Books Acquired Recently: Desk Copies Edition”

Books Acquired Recently

The Mennonite Encyclopedia, Volume II: D-H. Scottdale: Herald, 1956. The Mennonite Encyclopedia, Volume III: I-N. Scottdale: Herald, 1957. I bought Volumes I, IV, and V of The Mennonite Encyclopedia over a decade ago at a conference at a steep discount ($15.00 apiece when they are normally $85.00) because they each had a few damaged pages.Continue reading “Books Acquired Recently”