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The U.S. Wins a Thriller Against Canada

If you weren’t watching the Olympic Women’s Soccer semifinal between the U.S. and Canada this afternoon, you suck. It was one of the most thrilling, well-played soccer matches I have seen in my twenty-plus years as a fan. Both teams played their guts out, with the U.S. scoring the winning goal in the 123rd minute to win 4-3. The U.S. came back from three one-goal deficits with two goals from Megan Rapinoe, a penalty kick from Abby Wambach, and the last-minute header by Alex Morgan. With the exception of Rapinoe’s first goal, a corner kick straight into the goal which Canada woefully misplayed, all of the goals were superbly taken (even Wambach’s penalty kick, which barely beat the Canadian ‘keeper to the left post). It was the kind of game that you hate to see either team lose, but at the same time it did not deserve to go to the farce of penalty kicks. I will be rooting for the Canadians to beat the French in the bronze medal match, and I hope the U.S. can gain revenge against Japan for their loss in the 2011 World Cup final in the gold medal match.

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The Best YouTube Sing-Along Ever

This is a video of Swedish Olympic handball star Isabelle Gullden (driving) and some other woman singing along (well, sort of–maybe “riffing on” is a better term) to Jason Derulo’s “Whatcha Say” in the car, and it is hilarious:


The video raises so many questions (perhaps all of which would be answered if I knew Swedish):

1. This is obviously premeditated. Whose idea was it? Is it some sort of weird marketing gimmick?

2. Why this song?

3. Who is the other woman, and shouldn’t she be driving her famous Olympian friend around instead of vice versa?

4. What does the hand motion that the women make every time they sing the chorus signify in Sweden? If it’s the same thing it signifies in the U.S., an additional question arises (pun intended!): Why are these women so dirty? (not that I have a problem with it)

5. Not a question, but an observation: the way Gullden is torn between totally rocking out like her friend and being a responsible  driver cracks me up! If this video is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

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