Fifty Shades of Grey

I just finished reading E L James’s bestselling romance novel Fifty Shades of Grey because one of my students is writing his senior thesis on it. It isn’t horrible, and is worth reading as sociological research. I had heard that the writing was atrocious, but aside from James’s overuse of the words “jeez” and “crap”Continue reading “Fifty Shades of Grey”

Book Acquired Recently: Fifty Shades of Grey

James, E L. Fifty Shades of Grey. 2011. New York: Vintage, 2012. I bought this book because a student of mine wants to write an essay about it and its popularity. I have heard that it is written horribly and would not read it on my own, but will do so for professional reasons. I feel aContinue reading “Book Acquired Recently: Fifty Shades of Grey”