Books Acquired Recently

Bellamy, Dodie. When the Sick Rule the World. South Pasadena, CA: Semiotext(e), 2015.

Kapil, Bhanu. Schizophrene. Callicoon, NY: Nightboat Books, 2011.

Patel, Shailja. Migritude. New York: Kaya Press, 2010.

I made all three of these book purchases after a stellar last class of the semester earlier this week. In the case of Patel, we read an excerpt of Migritude that brought tears to my eyes for reasons I didn’t understand, so I decided to read the entire thing. In the case of Bellamy, I had never heard of her until about two weeks ago, and since then her name has come up three times (the last in our class conversation), so, rule of threes, the universe is telling me to read her work. The same thing happened with Kapil, whom I had heard of before, and then heard referenced a bunch in short order, so it’s also time to read her.


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