Books Acquired Recently: Aurora Levins Morales Edition

I recently read Aurora Levins Morales’s Remedios and loved it. I went to her website to see whether there were other books of hers that I haven’t already read available and discovered these three books. I also love her previous book that is co-written with her mother Rosario, Getting Home Alive, so I look forward to reading more of Rosario’s work in Cosecha as well. Note that there are not purchase links for Kindling, Silt, and Cosecha on Levins Morales’s website. They are apparently only available on

Levins Morales, Aurora. Kindling: Writings on the Body. Cambridge, MA: Palabrera Press, 2013.

—. Silt: Prose Poems. Petaluma, CA/Maricao, Puerto Rico: Palabrera Press, 2019.

Morales, Rosario, and Aurora Levins Morales. Cosecha and Other Stories. Cambridge, MA: Palabrera Press, 2014.


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