Books Acquired Recently: Post-Holiday Edition Part III/PM Press Edition

As I mentioned in my two previous posts, I ordered a number of books with some holiday cash that I received, and they continue to arrive (there are still a few more on the way!).

Levins Morales, Aurora. Remedios: Stories of Earth and Iron from the History of Puertorriqueñas. Boston: Beacon Press, 1998.

McCloud, Cedar. The Thread That Binds. Los Angeles: Numinous Spirit Press, 2020.

I received my monthly packet of PM press books today. They are my first books with a 2021 copyright date!

Mamatas, Nick. The Planetbreaker’s Son Plus…. Oakland: PM Press, 2021.

Ostertag, Bob. Facebooking the Anthropocene in Raja Ampat: Technics and Civilization in the 21st Century. Oakland: PM Press, 2021.

Springer, Simon. Fuck Neoliberalism. Oakland: PM Press, 2021.


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