Books Acquired Recently: Poetry Edition

Keillor, Garrison, ed. Good Poems: American Places. 2011. New York: Penguin Books, 2012.

Kelly, Donika. Bestiary. Minneapolis: Graywolf Press, 2016.

I have been feeling the need to read more poetry lately–it’s one way of coping with the horrible U.S. political situation–and was therefore glad that the poet Donika Kelly was giving a reading at my local Barnes & Noble this past Friday evening. It was exactly what a poetry reading should be: well-attended, with some good poetry delivered by a speaker who is engaging and realizes that making a connection with the audience through their commentary on the poems is just as important as the poems themselves. Kelly was clearly happy that there were a lot of students in attendance, and she did a good job trying to make her work accessible to them.

Before the reading, I did some browsing in the poetry section and came across Keillor’s book. I own and like the first in his series of anthologies, Good Poems, and was excited to find that there is a volume focused specifically on place, which is one of my research interests. I have read about a quarter of it this weekend and have not been disappointed.


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