Books Acquired Recently

Castillo, Ana. Loverboys. New York: Norton, 1996.

—. My Father Was a Toltec and Selected Poems 1973-1988. 1995. New York: Anchor, 2004.

Ana Castillo is an author that I really enjoy, especially her novel The Guardians, which I’ve taught several times. She is the writer-in-residence this semester at my college, so I thought I would get more familiar with her work as I also have the opportunity to get to know her as a colleague. I haven’t read her poetry before, and Loverboys, a short story collection, sounds really fascinating because it involves some same-sex love stories. I look forward to reading both.

Genet, Jean. Prisoner of Love. Trans. Barbara Bray. 1989. Hanover: Wesleyan UP, 1992.

I enjoy Genet’s novels and I am also fascinated by the history of the Black Panther Party, so I decided to buy this book, which is about Genet’s experiences with the Panthers and with Palestinian refugees, both of whose causes he advocated.

All three bought on


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