Book Acquired Recently: Frank O’Hara’s Standing Still and Walking in New York

O’Hara, Frank. Standing Still and Walking in New York. Ed. Donald Allen. San Francisco: Grey Fox, 1983.

I am a huge O’Hara fan and collect his books compulsively. However, I am ashamed to admit that I did not know of this book’s existence until I encountered a citation of it in an article several weeks ago. It is a selection of O’Hara’s art and literary criticism as well as occasional prose pieces (e.g., book introductions). I love the zest for aesthetic pleasure that is rampant throughout O’Hara’s poems and plays, and I look forward to experiencing it in this collection.

Bought from Better World Books via The original retail price was $6.95, not bad for a small press paperback even back in 1983.


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