Books Acquired Recently: Giannina Braschi

Braschi, Giannina. Empire of Dreams. Trans. Tess O’Dwyer. Las Vegas: AmazonCrossing, 2011.

—. United States of Banana. Las Vegas: AmazonCrossing, 2011.

—. Yo-Yo Boing! 1998. Trans. Tess O’Dwyer. Las Vegas: AmazonCrossing, 2011.

I hadn’t heard of Giannina Braschi until about a month ago when I received an email from in my school account (not the account I normally use for my amazon transactions–in other words, they got my contact info from some professional organization, probably the Modern Language Association) advertising these three books and offering me free exam copies. Of course I immediately accepted. They arrived yesterday.

Braschi is apparently a Puerto Rican writer who is now trying to cross over into the English-speaking market. It is interesting that she chose to write her most recent book, United States of Banana, in English. It will be fascinating to see whether there is a noticeable difference in style between this book and the two which have been translated. All three books sound like fun.

It is also noteworthy that has begun producing books of their own like bookstores with physical locations such as Barnes & Noble do (the late Borders did so as well). Unlike Barnes & Noble, which generally just reprints classics that are out of copyright, amazon is publishing contemporary authors, which signifies that they are not satisfied with merely being a distributor, but that they want to control the entire publishing process. This is yet another ominous sign for independent bookstores, though I am happy that amazon is at least offering their editions in print rather than just as Kindle downloads.


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