Mario (Barwuah) Balotelli Does Something Right

According to this article, Italian/Manchester City bad boy Mario Balotelli will be wearing both his Ghanaian and Italian last names on his shirt for Euro 2012.

Balotelli’s reason for doing this is to combat the racism which it is feared black players will face in Poland and the Ukraine during the tournament. He says he will leave the pitch in protest if he is racially abused. Balotelli has a (rather deserved) reputation as a petulant hothead, but this decision of his is spot-on. The fans are there to be entertained, and if they don’t appreciate the players’ efforts and choose to be bigots instead, they deserve to have the players refuse to play for them.

On a closely related issue, I understand the political reasons why organizations such as UEFA and FIFA want to stage their tournaments in (to be nice, for lack of a better phrase) football backwaters such as Poland, the Ukraine, and, in the case of the 2022 World Cup, Qatar. But giving these showcase tournaments to countries that can’t even guarantee the safety of all the players (not to mention the fans), and in Qatar’s case to a country that treats women as sub-human, is, frankly, bullshit. Trying to be “fair” to minnows like Poland by letting them stage a tournament every once in a while only makes sense if they deserve to host a tournament, which it is becoming clearer and clearer that they don’t. The fact that Balotelli has to make his jersey gesture against racism in the first place shows that there is something wrong. UEFA should have taken care of this problem in the first place by giving the tournament to a safer country.


One thought on “Mario (Barwuah) Balotelli Does Something Right

  1. Mario Balotelli doing something right is indeed a rarity. I had not heard of the jersey decision until reading this. Good on him!!! I also didn’t know that Qatar got the WC in 2022. WTF??? They do know it’s hot as shit there right? Sepp Blatter is consistent in doing some truly stupid things. The average high temp from May through Sept is over 100 degrees.

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