Et tu, Andy?

I still haven’t gotten over Kristen Wiig’s decision to leave Saturday Night Live, and now Andy Samberg has announced that he is also leaving, and Jason Sudeikis might be, too:

This is a tough blow. Samberg’s digital shorts and “Weekend Update” characters (especially his impression of Nic Cage!) are fabulous; next to Wiig and head writer Seth Myers he’s been the most important creative force on the show for the past few seasons. There will be some major gaps for next season’s cast to fill. The pressure’s on Bill Hader to carry things, now.

If Sudeikis leaves, I’ll be sad, but not heartbroken as I am with the other two. Frankly, I can’t blame Sandberg and, even more so, Wiig, who was the best SNLer since Will Ferrell, for leaving in order to make more money in film. But I’m not sure that it would be a good career move for Sudeikis. He should be one of those guys like Darrell Hammond (and Fred Armisen, who is better than both Hammond and Sudeikis) who sticks around forever.


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