Astonishing X-Men 50–The Gay Proposal Issue

I just finished reading Astonishing X-Men 50, which, along with issue 51 that comes out next month, includes the first same-sex proposal/marriage in comic book history. Of course it is ridiculous that these two issues have caused such controversy in the media in the past few weeks, first, because it is another case of the media being sensationalistic, and second (and most importantly), because people who are still against “gay marriage” are bigots, plain and simple. Unfortunately, the U.S.A. is still a ridiculous, homophobic society, though, so kudos to Marvel for taking a public stand on the correct, humane side of the argument.

The way Northstar’s proposal to his non-superhero boyfriend Kyle is written is a beautiful political statement because it is not flashy, it just happens (and Kyle says no! It will be interesting to see how issue 51 fits both his change-of-heart and the wedding in.). There is nothing to set it apart as “weird” or “special.” It just happens. This is the kind of inclusiveness that it is necessary for society to show to LGBT persons. The pro-gay marriage movement is not calling for special privileges, it is simply calling for equal rights.


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